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How Modern Liberals Think

Posted by – 11/13/08

Evan Sayet, former writer for Bill Maher:

Imagine being in a restaurant with an old friend and you’re catching up. And suddenly he blurts out, “I hate my wife.” And you kind of chuckle to yourself because he says it every time you’re together, and you know he doesn’t hate his wife… they’ve been together for 35 years. He loves his daughters and they’re just like her. No, he doesn’t hate his wife. Then you’re having some dinner, and you look out the window and spot his wife… and she’s being beaten up. And you grab your friend, and you say, “Come on, let’s help her, let’s help your wife!” And he says, “Nah… I’m sure she deserves it.” At that moment, it dawns on you: he really does hate his wife.

Well that’s what 9-11 was to me. I would hear my friends from the Left say how evil and horrible and racist and imperialistic and oppressive America is, and I’d laugh to myself, Eh they always say that, they love America. And then on 9-11 we were beaten up.  And I grabbed them by the collar, and I jumped up and said, “Come on, let’s help her, let’s help America!” And they said, “No… she deserves it.” At that moment, I realized: they really do hate America.

I always appreciate the perspective of poltical “switchers.” Video after the break. It’s a long watch, but worth it.


Ha! The Best Rick Roll Ever.

Posted by – 11/12/08

Socialism, Plain and Simple

Posted by – 11/6/08

I’d love to hear an argument about why this isn’t socialism.

Time for Some Campaignin'

Posted by – 11/4/08

Something to help you relax and breathe.

My NES Bill under an Obama Administration

Posted by – 11/3/08

I know last time I looked at my electric bill, I thought, “You know what? This isn’t enough. I’m really not paying enough for this.”

“[U]nder my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” And no, that’s not taken out of context.

The change we need? Meh. And who cares about poor people anyway?

Bankrupting the Coal Industry

Posted by – 11/2/08

So, in addition to arrogance, apparently another one of Obama’s attributes is ignorance. (Not a surprise, really, as the two traits usually seem to pal around with each other.) Not only is Cap & Trade a bad idea, he wants to take it to such an extreme degree that it’ll kill the coal industry. Listen up, that’s were we get almost half our energy!

Does he not know, or does he just not care? Doctrinaire environmentalists are the worst.

No worries, it's only illegal

Posted by – 11/2/08

The quote that is cut off in the YouTube video:

“Whenever you specifically ask for a certain amount of money and you’re asked to be entered into any kind of contest, that becomes a lottery, a raffle, and that falls under gambling statutes,” Kevin DuJan said. 

The rest of the story is here.

I have a feeling this will only further upset and frustrate those of us who are level-headed and rational and cannot understand the substance-free, mindless adoration shown Obama. It won’t do much to sway those who have already concluded that he is Our Hope and The One Who Will Bring Fundamental Change to America.

Also, seriously, does that right there not frighten you? Yeah, we all agree America could use some improvement, but fundamental change? That’s the stuff of revolutions, and by that I don’t mean the kind that end with improvements.

"You Betcha!"

Posted by – 11/2/08

(Yes, I was on a YouTube kick tonight.)

Enjoying this New Kind of Politics?

Posted by – 11/2/08

What is it, lazy speechwriters?

Oh, I’m sorry… you knew Captain Eloquence didn’t come up with this stuff on his own, didn’t you?


Posted by – 11/2/08

Obama’s arrogance is simply astounding, not to mention the accuracy of his Opposite Land Foreshadowing.