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Supporting Obama / Voting for McCain

Posted by – 10/20/08

Here’s someone discussing the most salient issues, and has come to the logical conclusion that a McCain Administration would be better for America than an Obama Administration.

My favorite is his succinct version of their plans for a prosperous America. Obama’s includes a Robin Hood economic policy driven by emotional class warfare. McCain’s includes creating environment where we everyone can pursue happiness — you know, like those old guys talked about in the Declaration of Independence — but does not guarantee prosperity for anyone.

‘Course he’s probably just a racist shill of the Republican Party.

Obama shouldn't have mentioned his bracelet

Posted by – 9/28/08

The mother of the fallen soldier asked him not to.

…she has turned down any subsequent interviews with the media because she just didn’t, she just didn’t want it to get turned into something that it wasn’t. She had told me that in an email that she had asked, actually asked Mr. Obama to not wear the bracelet anymore at any of his public appearances.”

And apparently Obama even minced her request to end the war:

“I didn’t get to say what I wanted to say. I just cried,” Tracy Jopek told the newspaper. “It wasn’t for anything but for him to know this is real, something he needed to know. . . I do believe (the war) needs to end, but I believe it needs to be done very carefully and very thoughtfully.”

To me, there is a clear difference between wanting the Senator to know the reality of war and putting in a personal request to end the war because it hurts too much. Either way, of course, I’d rather have a Commander in Chief that understands just how horrible and necessary war can be. The desire to pull out of Iraq because soldiers have died and are dying is simply ridiculous. Do we seriously give up when the scenario is anything other than no lives lost? How did we get to this idea that it isn’t our soldiers’ duty to protect and defend our country at any cost?

Let’s be straight on this: we ALL want the war to end. But I for one am not willing to tuck tail and run. And anything less than victory is defeat. That’s not hawkishness. That’s reality. It’s a concept with which Obama desperately needs to become familiar.

A Navy Seal's Thoughts on Conflict

Posted by – 9/5/08

On a flight to Norfolk a few months back, I sat near a former Navy Seal. In speaking with him, I gathered these somewhat scattered thoughts: The media has turned actual, substantive drama into entertainment. Wars will always occur; there will always be those that are unsatisfied with their current level of attainment. Someone will always be beating the drum. If two dogs are fighting, does one simply walking away end it? Or would the dogs still fight?

Me: “But the Scandinavian countries don’t really seem to have a target on them.”

Former Seal: “Horse shit.”

British forces held back?

Posted by – 8/5/08

Yikes. Maybe fewer American lives would be lost in Iraq if our allies weren’t also allies with the enemy.