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Tag: The fix is in and it’s working.

Count of hands doesn't matter, script was already written

Posted by – 10/5/08

From the comments: “Wow, talk about working backwards from a desired conclusion.” To be fair to Soledad, she was probably also counting the entire CNN news crew behind the cameras.

“The fix is in, and it’s working.”

Obama's illegal financing is about to get him knocked

Posted by – 10/5/08

The Professor just posted this at Instapundit:

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chief Counsel Sean Cairncross will announce today a complaint that the RNC is filing with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) against the Obama campaign. The complaint will address foreign national and excessive contributions accepted by the Obama campaign that demonstrate it is operating outside of federal campaign finance law.

In case you haven’t been following this story, unreported save for the blogosphere, or are a willfully ignorant Democrat Sheep, Obama’s been accepting loads of donations from people named creative things like “Good Will” whose employer is “Loving” and profession is “You.”  Actually, I’m sure you haven’t heard about it:

CNN recently sent a reporter to Little Diomede Island, the westernmost part of Alaska (2.4 miles from Russia) to determine whether Sarah Palin had ever been there to see Russia with her own eyes. But CNN – and the rest of the media – have been incurious about the Obama campaign’s fund-raising.

In addition to Mr. Good Will, there’s also Mr. Doodad Pro. No, I’m not making this up.

Mr. Doodad Pro made 786 contributions for a total of $19,500. Like Mr. Good Will, Mr. Pro lists his employer as “Loving” and his profession as “You.” Mr. Pro said he is from Nunda, N.Y. Directory assistance found no listing for him either. 

Mr. Obama has raised a whopping $223 million in contributions of less than $200. Candidates are not required to disclose the names of those who contribute less than $200, and Mr. Obama has not. John McCain has made his complete donor database available online.

Over $223 million in donations less than $200 each, most of them right at $199. Magically suspicious, don’t you think? Have you ever wondered exactly how the foreign-held Obama fundraisers planned on getting their money to him? Now you know.

Is that shady enough for the Obamaniacs, or will they continue to willfully pull the wool over their own eyes? Just ask yourself: if this were a Republican candidate, what would the media’s reaction be?

Another truth nugget of tankie-ness

Posted by – 10/5/08

Patterico details the LA Times’ response to McCain saying he’d fire the SEC Chairman, how they were wrong, and how long it took them to correct it.

The correction comes 10 days after I sent my letter — and too late to do much good. Because the L.A. Times and Jake Tapper failed to issue quick corrections, the public will likely remember this as a gaffe by McCain — one in which he foolishly spoke of exercising a power that he wouldn’t have as President.

I know it’s impossible to prove a negative, but seriously, is there any way the vast majority of major media outlets are not in the tank for Obama?

Still in the tank: reactions to the two debates

Posted by – 10/5/08

Is anyone else enjoying the dramatic irony of the mainstream media’s reactions to the VP debate when compared with the first presidential debate? We’re supposed to believe that Biden vs. Palin came down to substance vs. style. If you’re not sure which one is the positive, I don’t blame you. When the libs watched the VP debate, it was incredibly clear: the man with substance was the winner. When they watched the presidential debate, it was also incredibly clear: the man with nuanced style was the winner.

Nevermind the baseless authority with which Biden spoke and rattled off facts — ones that are easy to come by, of course, given their incipience in Joe’s head — the Dems absolutely loved him. And since the mainstream media is packed to the brim with Dems, what do you expect the columns might be filled with this week?

So they’re in love with factless substance now? Great.

Obama, on the other hand, seems to know very little about a lot of things. And though Palin’s been blasted over the last few days for her folksiness and inability to adhere to the Dems pre-determined agenda, somehow every one of Obama’s absolutely show-stopping public train wrecks have been swept under the rug. Nothing to see here, move it along. Shoo.

Obama’s teleprompter-powered speeches might make some weak in the knees, but his reticence does nothing to impress me. I suppose I can’t blame him. Every time he reacts instinctively, he tends to be wrong. Iran? Wrong. Georgia? Wrong. Freddie and Fannie? Wrong.

Yeah, gotta love that nuance. And all that substance from the Senatorial veteran. Facts don’t matter in the Obamanation. It just has to sound right.

Partial List of Questions for Tonight's Debate

Posted by – 10/2/08

I’m re-posting from Treacher because this is awesome and I hope he doesn’t mind. Some of Gwen Ifill’s questions for the VP debate:

Mayor Palin, Barack Obama is a handsome, charismatic demigod. How many boxes of Kleenex will you need after your crushing loss?

Senator Biden, what is your favorite color? And if you have time for a follow-up question: Why?

Mayor, you talk funny and you own a tanning bed. Why haven’t you released Trig’s birth certificate?

Senator, have you seen those pictures of Obama in his swim trunks? If not, I have them right here.

Mayor, what are the names, ages, and blood types of all 71 members of the Belgian Senate? And why are you unwilling to admit that your inability to instantly produce any and every fact I demand makes you unfit to stand in the way of history?

Senator, you’ve spoken at length. Could you please continue?

Mayor, which is your preferred method of stifling dissent, banning books or burning them? Since it’s both, please explain how you can deny the accusation that you’re a fascist, which I am making now.

Senator, could you please sign my book?


And as Treacher points out, maybe SNL will pick this idea up for a skit as well.