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Eagerly awaiting the goodness that Congressional Motors will bring!

Posted by – 6/4/09

Another bit of comic genius from Iowahawk.

Socialism, Plain and Simple

Posted by – 11/6/08

I’d love to hear an argument about why this isn’t socialism.

In which I respond to a Socialist's demands: reproach for the wealthy, the provision of a better life for all

Posted by – 10/28/08

I enjoy conversations on other blogs, and in one I’ve been following lately, a foreign Socialist interjected with his thoughts. Mine follow.

Not to break up this discussion or anything; but SO WHAT if obama has a preference for marxism? SERIOUSLY? This absurd clinging of the United States to pure capitalism is precisely what has caused its downfall. Hellooo? Economical crisis anyone? Caused, in fact, by pure, uncontrolled, capitalism?

Most european nations and governments apply certain socialist principles to their democratic governments to promote their citizens rights and give them a better life, all the while preventing big companies from taking over and those who are too greedy from having ALL the money (even rich, powerful countries like the UK and Germany). True, it isn’t PURE capitalism, but that’s why it’s good. It seems that at some point you americans decided that letting people fight for their lives and money in an unfair race where some started almost at the end is better than giving everyone the chance to live dignified lives. I thought this was about PEOPLE. about making the world a BETTER place for EVERYONE. But maybe I was wrong.

I just find it astounding how so many of you let the outdated anticommunist propaganda of the past affect you, to the degree that, while the world has moved on and decided to work with the best of both systems, you still doggedly cling on to one that has proven itself insufficient. SERIOUSLY.

socialism and communism aren’t evil, they just trust humans too much. STALIN was evil. BIG difference.

- roxesdios


"Our collective salvation"

Posted by – 10/14/08

“I’ve got a core set of values I think have to be advanced, and that [sic] my individual salvation depends on our collective salvation.” – Obama

“There is a threat posed to human freedom by the enormous power of the modern state. History teaches the dangers of government that overreaches, political control taking precedence over free economic growth, secret police, mindless bureaucracy, all combining to style individual excellence and personal freedom. And one of the simple but overwhelming facts of our time is this– of all the millions of refugees we’ve seen in the modern world, their flight is always away from, not toward, the communist world.” – Reagan

I mean, seriously.

(For those that don’t know, Socialism is a transitory system between Capitalism and Communism, not a different social system entirely.)

Bad move, Bush Administration

Posted by – 9/8/08

Well, I don’t have much in the way of details to write right now due to a lack of time. But I wanted to at least go on record. I am absolutely in disagreement with what the Bush Administration has done to the mortgage industry. Congress gave him authority, and in one day he was able to do to the mortgage industry what we were all fearing Obama would do to the health care industry. The result of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac buyout is government control of the majority of the bonds that back mortgages in America.

The short-term effects will be good. Interest rates will drop and there will be a stimulation to the economy. Kinda makes me suspicious that it was done as a political stunt to help support McCain rather than to save a nearly dead mortgage industry. The industry wasn’t going to collapse any day, and there was no need to save the two companies just yet.

I am not happy. Shame on you, Mr. Bush. And welcome to a socialized mortgage industry, America.