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My New Facebook Page

Posted by – 3/24/10

I’ve been hesitant to connect this blog to my personal Facebook profile because I’ve always seen Facebook as something personal (despite swarms of evidence to the contrary, I know). It was very different from MySpace in that way: I never would accept people as friends unless I’d actually gotten to know them in real life.

Then I started gaining some public traction in the world of politics, and I began to see a huge increase in the number of people who wanted to friend me on Facebook just to connect with me politically. (And to be honest, the number of event invitations, group invitations, and page invitations I receive now is absurd.) Well, this weekend I made sure that followers of my writing can follow me on Facebook and I can keep my Facebook profile separate and personal. Does that mean I’ll never post something political to my personal profile again? Of course not. But the majority of the dialogue (and I really do want it to be a dialogue) on current events, politics, philosophy, religion, etc., will take place on my new Facebook Page.