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The Nashville Flood

Posted by – 5/4/10

It is now Tuesday, and I still can’t process what my city is going through. I am personally almost unaffected; the worst I’ve experienced is a lack of power for 7 hours. I live on a hill, and didn’t experience any flooding around my property. My car is fine. I even have access to the nearby Kroger, also situated on a hill.

But my city! Oh… Nashville. My heart breaks for my neighbors. Parts of East Nashville along the river are in ruins. Downtown was underwater up to parts of 3rd Avenue as of yesterday when I went to see the damage for myself. The entire Opry Mills and Opryland Hotel property is underwater.

We can’t help but feel frustration that the national news media has barely been able to muster a Boy, that sure was a lot of rain in middle Tennessee this weekend. Our city has been up-ended. This will cost hundreds of millions of dollars to repair and rebuilt, though some of what has been lost was simply irreplaceable. We may have lost the historic Grand Ole Opry House.

Where was God during this whole thing? some will surely ask. My pastor offers up some clarifying thoughts in a post.

There was a moving piece written on a hockey blog earlier today, and it captures both our frustration and our resolve. We Are Nashville.

Pray for us, we’ll need it. Spread the word: not that we merely want attention or need pity, but we’ll need people to know if there is any hope of our fellow Americans showing their trademark generosity during our rebuilding efforts. I’m grateful for Keith Olbermann’s comment on Nashville and what we’re going through. I hope more voices with national exposure include us in their comments.

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And finally, I am so proud of my good friend Michael Deppisch, whose talent I’ve always thought was undervalued. He ventured out into the rain on Sunday to capture this. It now has over 100,000 views on YouTube. Thanks for telling the story, Michael.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo of Nashville as of Monday, May 3rd. Not one I took, but one that’s been floating around Twitter and Facebook, and it makes an immediate impression of the devastation downtown Nashville has seen. Also be sure to check out this photo roundup from Boston.com. It’s easily the most representative, highest-quality photo essay of the Nashville Flood that I’ve seen.