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Note to Pelosi: America Only Has 305 Million People

Posted by – 2/4/09


Proof positive that this whole “stimulus” boondoggle is complete garbage. Friends, be wary of the snake oil salesman who tries to sell you something with the conditions

  1. there isn’t time to debate,
  2. I’m the only one with the answer, and
  3. disaster will come if you don’t immediately do what I say.

This has been the message of the great charlatans of history, right up to last year with Hank “Corleone” Paulson. Don’t let it happen yet again in such short order.

Pelosi's speech, livened up!

Posted by – 9/30/08

Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back, breathe, and have a good laugh. Enter Stinson, his surprising header photo, and the sarcastic commentary he’s added the Pelosi crap sandwich she gave the House today before the bailout vote.

Note to anyone who might ever want to persuade: deriding the very people whose support you desire doesn’t usually end well.


Posted by – 9/29/08

I just want to say that with all that is happening in Congress and with the Presidential race, my head is about to explode, and I can’t even write about it because I’m so freakin’ busy. My apologies. Please don’t assume that my lack of posts means I’m not interested. In the meantime, here’s some stuff I have been looking at.

Here’s Speaker Pelosi lying about the past:

And here’s the video of the past she was lying about:

Note the Republicans begging for the very regulation that Pelosi is pretending only Democrats recommended. Four years ago, when the Democrats all praised the riskless and progressive nature of their affordable housing deal, Republicans signaled the warning. They were branded as being out to lynch Franklin Raines. Now, in typical slimy political fashion, Pelosi is trying desperately to rewrite the past.

She also blames the Republicans for killing the bailout bill. Frankly, I applaud all the congressmen and women who voted against it, including the 95 Democrats. But she can’t give Republicans all the credit. If she’d kept her own in line, the bill would’ve passed.

Dems, on the wrong side again

Posted by – 8/27/08

It turns out, when the media isn’t day in, day out reminding us how horrible things are in Iraq, Americans tend to think things are improving. And the recent results in this ongoing poll by Rasmussen suggest that the Democrats are on the wrong side of the debate again. Perhaps the Democrats are totally right. Their correctness here is totally irrelevant. But their being at odds with the American people on yet another issue is one more nail in this election’s coffin. So here’s on more reason they’ll lose come November:

Fifty-four percent of American voters have confidence that America and her allies are winning the War in Iraq. That’s the highest it’s been since Rasmussen began tracking confidence in the war only a year after it began, in January 2004. Americans seem to be able to separate the War in Iraq from their appreciation (or lackthereof) for the President. Only 30% credit him with doing well in Iraq.

So this doesn’t bode well for a party that continues to hoop and holler about getting out of Iraq. Again, whether they are right on this issue doesn’t matter. With their very negative vocal message about Iraq, one would assume that they’re preaching to an America filled with people fatigued by the War, and that’s just who their rhetoric implies they are targeting. But according to Rasmussen, this is only 17% of voters. Down from 47% this time last year. Yipes. Looks like the Dems just keep have bad timing with their platform.

Pelosi continues to argue, in less than a welcoming fashion, that drilling here will only produce a $0.02 drop at the pump 10 years from now, even after Bush’s symbolic release of the Executive Order against drilling has so far dropped prices by over $0.43. (Their argument is short sited anyway. It assumes that for some magical reason, we won’t need oil 7-10 years from now.)

Apparently they want the country’s energy needs to be powered by hopes and dreams, just like Obama’s increasingly lackluster campaign. They certainly don’t want to use clean, cheap nuclear. They preach the solution to energy prices is in renewable energy. But even renewable energy isn’t “green.” And as furiously as it’s rolled out, it’s not enough to meet the government mandated minimum. Sure, an energy system with a diversity of sources is a great solution; you just can’t cut out the vast majority of sources (oil, coal, nuclear) and expect the economy to not collapse. (Even the most hopeful goals for renewable energy peg it around 33%.)

Obama chose Biden, and even ardent Obama supporters are upset. The polls are showing it, too. Since the Democratic VP pick, McCain for the first time overtook Obama in the polls. That’s pretty astounding considering Obama held a 15 point lead over McCain only two months ago.

The Dems seem to be so agenda-driven (so much of it a result of drinking Al Gore’s kool-aid), yet continue to claim to be the party of the people, of the working man. But to a person who can barely make ends meet, their carbon footprint is the last thing on their mind.

So my prediction is that, amazingly enough and after 8 years of people complaining about Bush, the Democrats will lose this election too. It could be thanks in part to the wonderful job the Democrats have done, no promises kept, since they took power of Congress two years ago. (Congressional approval is at a staggering 18%, sooooo much lower than the President’s.)

Talk about catering to special interests. Democrats, you have made yourselves irrelevant. Get ready to hand the Presidency over to McCain as a result.

I am not a Democrat

Posted by – 8/15/08

If the Democrats in Congress actually lived up to the manifesto they published back in ’06, I’d probably be a proud Democrat. The promises put forth in the document are exactly those which a governing body that represents the interests of the people should uphold.

Democrats believe that America needs – and Americans deserve – a New Direction that provides security, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Absolutely. I agree 100%. I love to hear my representatives declare that they work for us, the American people. Not for the special interests. Not only for the people of San Francisco who want to project their eco-religion on the rest of us, but for America as a whole.

Too many Americans are paying a heavy price for those wrong choices: record costs for energy…

(I should note, of course, that this was written back when the Democrats were about to take control of Congress in ’06. Since then, gas prices rose from $2.19 to $4.11, an increase of an incredible 87.7%! Congressional Approval is at an all-time low, the national debt has increased over 14%, and the Dems themselves will tell you that we’re in the middle of a recession. They’re wrong, but they’ll still admit to it. Which is astounding.)

With integrity, civility and fiscal discipline, our New Direction for America will use commonsense principles to address the aspirations and fulfill the hopes and dreams of all Americans. That is our promise to the American people.

Apparently they will not use commonsense principles, which would include dropping the Federal moratorium on oil exploration. Nor will they be civil about it.

Check out page 24 of the manifesto:

Bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure that allows open, full, and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the Minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute.

And yet, despite the GOP’s demands for the energy bill to come to a vote, Pelosi won’t allow it. What makes it all the more astounding is that she won’t allow a vote to be taken on a bill that the Dems would almost undoubtably crush! Why? Because of the misguided notion that carbon is a poison. If global warming is man-made and carbon dioxide is the primary cause, then we must get rid of it! And burning fossil fuels releases loads of carbon dioxide! So we must stop!

This is “fact”, decided upon by the dirt people of San Francisco and their expatriates, and forced down the throat of the American people by Pelosi and her wildly out-of-touch Congress.

This whole eco-religion is centered around the preposterous idea that us humans are fully capable of throwing the Earth’s equilibrium off kilter, putting Earth’s ecological and climatological state outside the bounds of its own recovery. It’s the peak of arrogance, to say the least. It violates Occam’s razor by making the assumption that the Earth could not possibly have a naturally fluctuating climate of as much as 1 or 2 degrees in either direction, and it flies in the face of actual science, from the likes of scientists who haven’t been coerced or threatened and whose work hasn’t been manipulated:

CO2 is a proxy for global temperature, and attempting to control global temperatures by regulating anthropogenic CO2 is unfounded, futile, and wasteful.

Whoops. In much the same way that proving a Jesus that was never raised from the dead would rock Christianity to its core, the absence of “carbon as a pollutant” really puts the whole man-made global warming ideology into serious question. Calm, clear-headed scientists are beginning to come forward with long-standing evidence that disproves man-made global warming. So close your eyes and ears, and chant to yourself as loud as you want Gorites. It doesn’t make truth go away.

If real Democrats are represented by Pelosi and her Congress’s track record, then Democrats are not reasonable. They are not commonsensical. They are not logical. They are neither fair, open-minded, nor realistic. And I am not a Democrat.

Mind the dates

Posted by – 8/6/08

Now, while I know that correlation doesn’t necessarily equal causation, it’s pretty hard to argue that the President’s lifting of the executive ban on offshore drilling has nothing to do with the plummeting gas prices given the dates. The president lifted the order on July 14. Since July 16, oil in terms of price per barrel and per gallon at the pump have been in an unceasing downward spiral.

So despite what Pelosi and her out of touch party members think, it appears that it won’t take 10 years for the 2 cent reduction at the pump to come.