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ALA's Eric Odom on Tea Party Nation Organizers: They Don't Know What's Going On & Haven't From Day One

Posted by – 1/31/10

No need for comment.

Watch this Convention: "You shall know them by their fruits."

Posted by – 1/31/10

Brooks Bayne writes a scathing review of the National Tea Party Convention scandal. He’s quite right in noting how there are no known and respected Tea Party activists involved with this convention.

The problem is, as I’ve stated many times on Twitter, the Tea Party wasn’t involved with this convention. There may have been a couple local Tea Party folks participating, but none of the real players in the movement were involved. If you’re asking how I have the inside skinny on all this, then you haven’t been paying attention to the movement over the last year.

This “convention” was about one guy, attorney Judson Phillips, and, in my opinion, his attempt at personal gain. What was he thinking? Just because Phillips was the guy who reviewed Michael Leahy’s ridiculous lawsuit filing (not ridiculous that it was filed, it needed to be. much of the substance of it, however, was ridiculous. I question Phillips’ capacity as an attorney if he greenlit that filing) against some Internet trolls last year, he’s suddenly part of the movement? Uh…I don’t think so.

He ends his post with this:

“You shall know them by their fruits.”

I suppose that’s the best way to approach this convention at this point– focus extra scrutiny on what comes out of this convention and where the money goes afterward.

Is the convention still going to happen? I certainly hope so. A lot of good, well-meaning people paid a lot of money just to hear Palin speak. I personally think that’s a giant waste of $549 plus travel expenses, but regardless, it would be much worse if this whole thing shut down and left the Phillipses walking away with a cool $300,000 in non-refundable ticket sales.

Mostly, I expect we’ll see a lot of really underwhelmed convention goers. And since I’ve personally experienced Judson’s ineptitude in event planning — for a man who merely showed up at the eleventh hour to the Tax Day Tea Party rallies in Nashville and Franklin last year, he sure has some C.O. Jones to take credit for it all — I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing complaints coming from convention goers themselves once this weekend gets started.

Another blow to the National Tea Party Convention

Posted by – 1/29/10

In another blow to the National Tea Party Convention, The Tea Party Express has now announced that they will no longer support the event. This comes after several waves of event sponsors and speakers pulled their support.

Phillips still claims the event is planned to provide training, networking, and inspirational speeches, but the ability to make good on that promise appears less and less likely with several speakers pulling out along with two of the sponsors who were to provide training dropping their support.

On a personal note, I should mention this: while Mr. Phillips has claimed that the press isn’t asking him for comment, absolutely every single one of the reporters I’ve spoken to has expressed frustration in their inability to get in contact with Mr. Phillips despite repeated attempts.

Judson can continue to use his tried excuse of “blame the liberals” all he wants, but he’s brought this debacle on himself. His zeal for personal gain unchecked by prudence has led him to all sorts of negligence, not the least of which includes an egregious violation of labor laws.

I suppose we’ll continue to watch this implosion to see how it all shakes down. His choices may well prove detrimental to the tea party movement, though I pray Americans see this for what it is: a movement with the purest of intentions attempting to oust the cancer that resides within. Perhaps Mr. Phillips will think about the gravity of his actions next time he attempts to assume the helm of something so much larger than himself.

Reps Blackburn and Bachmann pull out of the TPN Convention

Posted by – 1/28/10

From Post Politics, Blackburn’s out! Claude Chafin, her spokesman, released this statement:

After consulting with the Committee on Standards, Congressman Blackburn has decided not to participate in the Tea Party Nation Convention next week. Standards advised Congressman Blackburn not to participate in the event due to uncertainty about how any proceeds from the event may be used. Convention organizers have not been clear about how those funds will be put to use. We have every indication that any profit could be put to work to advance grass roots causes and some of those uses could make the Congressman’s participation improper after the fact.

And Blackburn herself had this to say:

“I spoke to Judson Phillips this morning and let him know that I could not participate in the convention. I told him frankly that Tea Party Nation’s for-profit status has put many of his speakers in an awkward position. I remain encouraged by the outpouring of energy from constitutionally minded grassroots organizations in Tennessee and around America. These groups are not made up of Republicans or Democrats but everyday Americans who are concerned about their freedom. They know that out-of-control spending and the expansion of government ultimately limits that freedom. I share their concerns and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Only a short time later, news broke that Rep. Bachmann pulled out for the same reasons:

Due to conflicting advice on whether Congresswoman Bachmann’s participation in the upcoming Tea Party Nation Convention would be in line with the Committee on Standards, Congresswoman Bachmann has decided not to participate in the event. There is uncertainty about how any proceeds from the event may be used, and we must err on the side of caution. Some will want to portray her withdrawal as a repudiation of the Tea Party Movement, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Congresswoman Bachmann remains encouraged by all Americans, regardless of political party, who are concerned about this nation’s future and dwindling prosperity, and continues to be inspired their passion.

As of now, Palin is still scheduled to speak. For a quick background on this story, see this post at Post Politics.

TPN Violates Labor Laws: "We don't ask anything from our members" … Except Uncompensated Labor

Posted by – 1/26/10

Tea Party Nation’s Judson Phillips took to the Fox Business Network tonight to downplay concerns over his for-profit enterprise putting on an expensive convention that many assumed was being planned by a non-profit organization. When asked about these concerns, he responded with confidence:

We don’t ask anything from any of our 12,000 members. We don’t ask people to pay dues. We don’t ask for donations. We use the capitalist system to go ahead and fund this particular organization so we can use the resources to help advance this cause. What’s wrong with that?

Contrast that with this statement released by Tea Party Nation only 12 days ago (emphasis mine):

Tea Party Nation is a C-Corp. We do not focus on donations, and provide a service and network for like-minded conservatives and TEA Party leadership. TEA Party Nation is operated entirely by volunteers.

Tea Party Nation has an Advisory Board made up of nine (9) individuals who have been with Tea Party Nation since its formation. This Advisory Board is instrumental in greeting new members, moderating the site, putting out our newsletter and making the policies and decisions for Tea Party Nation.

I wonder if Judson would you say that these Advisory Board members are routinely contributing to the benefit of Tea Party Nation Corporation? I would guess so, considering he saw fit to mention them in this press release. Certainly Tea Party Nation has had more than just board members working for the organization (event planners, security at the rallies, the sound engineers, etc…), but since he so explicitly mentioned the Advisory Board in the sentence immediately following his declaration that Tea Party Nation is operated entirely by volunteers, we’ll keep our focus here. I’ve been told by former Advisory Board members that they were never compensated for their work with an hourly wage, a salary, or company stock.

Now pay attention; this should be pretty straight-forward…

Using entirely his own words, we now know that Tea Party Nation is violating the Fair Labor Standards Act by accepting volunteer labor for the benefit of a for-profit private sector enterprise. (It is important to note that according to the Fair Labor Standards Act Advisor, an employee is one who “follows the usual path of an employee.”)

So, Tea Party Nation asks nothing of its members… except free labor. More…

National Tea Party Convention loses a third sponsor

Posted by – 1/25/10

The national director of the National Precinct Alliance, Philip Glass, released a statement on Sunday night announcing that his organization would no longer support the convention.

We were under the impression that TPN was a non-profit organization like NPA, interested only in uniting and educating tea party activists on how to make a real difference in the political arena.

The entire NPA objective is to put the power of the precinct back in the hands of the people. Our organized effort to accomplish that goal is growing faster than we can keep up. So there is no benefit to wasting time and resources on meetings and conventions still hung up on defining the problem. It’s time for real action and real solutions. We are totally focused on the solutions.

The people will figure all of this stuff out on their own. National Precinct Alliance will continue to focus on putting the people in control of their own destiny. The people can take it from there.

Yet again, another organization was duped by Judson into thinking TPN is a non-profit. This clearly shows that Phillips is still not being forthright about the structure of his company. Sherry Phillips, Judson’s wife, even went so far as to tell Kate Zernike at the New York Times that TPN is a non-profit! Why on earth would she make such a statement when it is so easily contradicted with a glance at Tea Party Nation Corporation’s state filing?

Another Tea Partier in Tennessee Comments on the Convention

Posted by – 1/25/10

In an editorial for the Hendersonville Star News that was also published in the Tennessean this weekend, Matt Moynihan spoke up regarding his impressions of Judson and the National Tea Party Convention. I’d say his sentiment is pretty standard across the state. Given its brevity, I’ll just publish the whole thing below.

So, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the whole mess that graced the front page of the Sunday Tennessean with Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation and his convention at the Gaylord Opryland next month.

I’ve probably got a perspective on this unlike most, because I was close to it from the beginning, though I’m thankful our Sumner County group was never tied to this group. Judson claims founder status of the Tea Party movement in Nashville. But he immediately tried to turn that into power and profit, so he broke off from Tennessee Tea Party and started what he hoped to be a for-profit national organization called Tea Party Nation. It’s never taken hold since there are dozens of other national organizations that operate similarly, but somehow he’s been tagged by liberals as some figurehead of the Tea Party movement.

Personally, I have not supported the Tea Party convention he’s holding. With a steep $549 price tag for admission, I don’t need someone else to tell me how to be a Tea Party activist, and I would imagine most in the movement feel the same. Though the story is damaging to Judson Phillips and his group, it will do nothing to deter the movement. Liberals will point and laugh nonetheless.

Moynihan is a founder of Sumner United for Responsible Government, and, as he notes above, one of the original observers of the fallout last year after Tennessee Tea Party split with Judson.

Another former TPN member comes forward: Boycott National Tea Party Convention

Posted by – 1/18/10


Looks like another former member of the Tea Party Nation has come forward, this time calling for a boycott. Like so many others, Shane Brooks was banned from Tea Party Nation’s website for offering an opposing viewpoint, and today yesterday he published a very revealing exchange with Sherry Phillips, wife of Tea Party Nation President Judson Phillips.

Portions of note from Sherry:

Your membership was suspended yesterday based on your threats toward TPN (TPN is in my “crosshairs”) and encouraging TPN members to move to another site (GOOOH).

Judson was disappointed that we had to suspend you as he said you contributed a lot of great information to TPN and our instant survivalist group.

Portions of note from Shane:

It seems that any personal attacks on members are usually addressed handled very quickly by TPN so long as the one attacked is on message w/TPN.


Then Pam Farmsworth came in and deleted my comments that had no personal attacks, swear words or anything that violated TPN policy but rather a passionate defense of my arguments and myself … The discussions have become so butchered and edited that it looks like your members arguing with themselves for no reason, it’s pathetic.


TPN claims to have open and thoughtful debates and an exchange of ideas. However, if you have the opinion that it is too late to save a deaf GOP and favor the 3rd party idea or anything other than your belief in the GOP, then it is open season to allow your members to ridicule, belittle and offer up scathing sarcasm disguised as a rebuttal. There is no real honest debate on this and several other issues at TPN. It appears to be tow the TPN line or be quiet, have your post removed and be banned.

Instead of quenching the thirst for freedom, the TPN leadership is attempting to squash members’ attempt at freedom. To be honest, I’m not at all surprised. I personally experienced this kind of “freedom” of thought and opinion displayed by the Tea Party Nation leadership beginning the day Judson announced he was the sole owner of Tea Party Nation.

Brooks also released this video calling for tea partiers to boycott the upcoming National Tea Party Convention.

Prove Me Wrong: Tea Party Nation, PayPal accounts, and a shady financial past

Posted by – 1/17/10

If you’re just arriving at this controversy, you may want to get up to speed on the back-story. Here’s the blog that started things up last week.

In an interview with NBC News, Judson gave a classic politician’s answer to my allegation that he used his wife’s personal PayPal account to accept donations in the days immediately following the April 15th “Tax Day Tea Party” in 2009.

“That’s completely false,” Phillips said. “There’s a PayPal account that goes for the corporation. The money goes into a corporate account that is held in the name of Tea Party Nation, Incorporated.”

He further elaborated in a Tennessean article published today.

PayPal payments were always directed to a Tea Party Nation bank account, not a personal account, he said.

Smith and others might have thought they were misdirected because his wife, who keeps records for the company, set up the account to send e-mail confirmations of transactions directly to her, Phillips said.

Nice little jab by Phillips, insinuating that a web professional misunderstands how PayPal works, but it seems like the more this guy opens his mouth, the worse things get for him.

This has become a hot-button topic with the press in recent days because co-mingling of personal funds with donated funds is never permissible. In every interview so far, he’s answering a different question than the one that’s been asked. My allegation was that he used his wife’s personal PayPal account in April 2009 to accept donations for Tea Party Nation. The PayPal account he claims he has always used for all ticket sales and donations wasn’t even set up until August 21, 2009– well after the donations that occurred in April. This lovely screenshot of the PayPal member information panel for Tea Party Nation’s business account proves it. (If you have a PayPal account, you can corroborate this yourself.)


I dug deeper today, and found something that I missed the first time around.

Below is a screenshot sent to me by someone who donated to Tea Party Nation on April 17th, 2009, during the time-frame that I allege Judson and his wife were funneling donations through her personal PayPal account. It’s an email received by this donor as a receipt for the donation. (Identifying information has been blacked out to protect the donor from retribution.) But look at the email address attached to the PayPal account…


The PayPal account that was being used to accept donations in April of 2009 for Tea Party Nation was, in fact, a PayPal account with an email address from Judson’s law practice. So was it her personal PayPal account? Or was it a PayPal account she administered on behalf of “Judson Phillips, Attorney at Law”? Given his comment that sherry@teapartynation.com‘s PayPal account was a business account with her email attached to it, perhaps the same is true of the PayPal account for sherry@judsonphillips.com. Of course, one is no better than the other. Judson and his wife have a lot of explaining to do. (The description in the email above is auto-populated by ChipIn, the free service that was used to show a donation meter widget on the site. Given that I was the webmaster, I had set up this ChipIn account, thus why it shows my former TPN email address. As is stated on the ChipIn website, “Your contributors chip in via PayPal and the money goes directly into your PayPal account.” All donations went directly into the PayPal account owned by sherry@judsonphillips.com.)

Throughout last week, even more questions regarding Judson’s financial dealings have come to light. It was reported Friday that Phillips filed personal bankruptcy in 1999 and has since had three federal tax leins against him for more than $22,000. RedState’s Erick Erickson smelled something fishy on Monday. Then following Melissa Clouthier’s explosive article uncovering Phillips’s desire to make a million dollars from the Tea Party movement, Erickson had some advice for Phillips.

Just as a “for instance,” were I still practicing law I’d advise clients to have their 501(c)(4) or 527 already set up before taking people’s money. Saying the organization will turn around and pour the collected money into an as of yet unformed 527 or 501(c)(4) is questionable, if only from a tax standpoint.

I haven’t practiced law in a few years, but this was the area in which I practiced. If the fact are as reported, there is something questionable going on.

Sure, people make mistakes in life, but sometimes those mistakes carry with you for years in the form of a lack of trust. A person in this position must take extra steps to prove that all financial dealings are above board and properly organized, yet even Judson’s behavior last week in print and on radio arouse suspicion.

Given the questions raised about your inability to properly handle finances in the past, it only seems right that you should take the extra effort to show funds aren't being mismanaged this time.

So here’s the challenge, Judson. There are a lot of hard questions out there to which the convention attendees, your sponsors, the speakers, and certainly Sarah Palin deserve the answers. You called me a liar, so prove it. Tea Party Nation should immediately open its financial books for inspection with records dated from April 2009 to the present. Show the tea partiers that you’ve already set up the 527 that you claim will be receiving profits from the National Tea Party Convention. If there is truly nothing unethical going on here, then you’ve got nothing to hide. However, given the questions raised about your inability to properly handle finances in the past, it only seems right that you should take the extra effort to show funds aren’t being mismanaged this time. Sarah Palin — whose answer to the question of a speaking fee you foolishly refused to confirm — and the other speakers are trusting you with their political futures, and they deserve your honesty here.

Nothing wrong with transparency, openness, and fiscal responsibility, right? After all, it’s the very thing you claim to be demanding of government.

I swear, he doesn't represent the Tea Party movement!

Posted by – 1/15/10

It’s confirmed: Judson Phillips gives the worst interviews ever.

You folks should see what it’s like to press him for information in private! Backed into a corner—and without a radio audience—this man has naught but to retreat, eject the offending party, and threaten to sue. More on that soon…