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"What Democrats Don't Understand About Morality"

Posted by – 9/13/08

Jonathan Haidt wrote a great essay on his research as a moral psychologist, here. What is quite interesting is this self-described liberal’s realization that conservatives actually take more foundational aspects of society into account when making social decisions than liberals do. Liberals concern themselves with two realms of social foundation. Conservatives concern themselves with five. More…

Raids on Illegal Immigrants

Posted by – 1/25/07

After the raids this last week netting over 700 illegals from Mexico, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, and Trinidad, sissy-pants Reuters correspondent Tim Gaynor talked to plenty of illegal immigrants, trying to get at the heart of how they were feeling about things. The story finishes with…

“We used to feel secure here,” Nicaraguan electrician Manuel Salomon told Reuters as he sipped coffee in a Mexican bakery in the city. “But it looks like that honeymoon is over.”

Ah yes… glad we’ve been able to get the point across. If you’re not supposed to be here, you shouldn’t feel safe. You’re committing a felony just by existing inside the borders undocumented.

Now look, I’m not saying our immigration system doesn’t need some work. Obviously it does, on both fronts. But seriously, how can a whole group of people stage a rally for their rights when they don’t even have the right to protest. Staggers the imagination…

Fox Should Be Concerned

Posted by – 5/15/06

From the AP:

President Vicente Fox telephoned U.S. President George W. Bush on Sunday to express concern about the prospect of the United States militarizing its southern border.

Well Mr. Fox, if you’re so concerned about relations with the U.S. and the possiblity of the militarization of the border, maybe your government shouldn’t publish a “how-to” on jumping the border.

(This is not a joke, it’s a real brochure published by the Mexican Department of External Relations–a.k.a. Departamento Mexicano de Relaciones Exteriores.)

Of course, our own government appears to be less than zealous to keep the illegal Mexicans out. They’ve been tipping off the Mexican government to the whereabouts of the Minutemen:

According to three documents on the Mexican Secretary of Foreign Relations Web site, the U.S. Border Patrol is to notify the Mexican government as to the location of Minutemen and other civilian border patrol groups when they participate in apprehending illegal immigrants — and if and when violence is used against border crossers.

That’s certainly more than disturbing.

Border Watchers move in for local action

Posted by – 5/20/05

I heard on the news today that the border watchers (you know, those violent vigilantes down in Arizona that are out to get Mexicans) are planning an outing here in the hills of East Tennessee. Their plan is to crack down on companies that hire illegal immigrants. Good for them, I say. What’s the official US position on these guys?

The US Boarder Patrol says they’ve never endorsed the activities of the Minutemen in Arizona, stressing that it’s the Border Patrol’s job to catch illegal immigrants.

Ha, ha! Did everyone catch that last part? Why, give ‘em a raise then! Sounds like everyone’s doing a bang-up job down there!

FAIR estimates there are between 10-12 million illegal aliens residing in the country in 2005. According to the Census Bureau, there were an estimated 8.7 million illegal aliens living in the United States in 2000. According to the Migration Policy Institute, roughly 500,000 illegal aliens are added to that population every year.

Catering to an entire population that’s broken the law probably doesn’t help deter, either. And though the effect of turning down illegals for bank accounts was unanticipated, seems like a lucky side effect to me.

Of course, I’m sure if this blog were popular enough I’d get nasty comments about those legitimate Mexicans sending money back to Mexico. I’m not talking about those 12 people; I’m talking about all the fence-jumpers. And frankly, we can’t do anything effective if we’re just sitting around trying to decide how to avoid offending criminals. I don’t care how nice they are, they’re breaking the law. There’s reasons we require documentation of people in this country, and when you’re without it, it causes problems. What’s the problem with documenting yourself, anyway? If you love America so much, become a citizen! What’s that? Taxes? Yeah, those are a bitch. They pay for things like health care, which you are apparently quite familiar with. (Anyone else hear that big sucking sound?)

It probably doesn’t help that the Mexican government has published the Border Crossing for Dummies brochure. (English version)

It all comes down to politicians wanting the Hispanic vote. I guess if the constituency were large enough, anything would be okay.