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The Framers' Intentions with the Senate

Posted by – 2/23/09

Admit it. You’ve wondered why there are two houses of Congress, right? Well, I’ll admit it then. This is something I’d never really understood about the Framers’ original intentions for election to the Senate. George Will explains:

The Framers established election of senators by state legislators, under which system the nation got the Great Triumvirate (Henry Clay, Daniel Webster and John Calhoun) and thrived. In 1913, progressives, believing that more, and more direct, democracy is always wonderful, got the 17th Amendment ratified. It stipulates popular election of senators, under which system Wisconsin has elected, among others, Joe McCarthy, as well as Feingold.

Okay, so originally, the Framers wanted Senators elected to serve by the State legislators. Actually, this makes a great deal of sense. After all, someone is supposed to be an ambassador from each of the States to the Federal Government. The House of Representatives is already representing the people.

The Framers gave the three political components of the federal government (the House, Senate and presidency) different electors (the people, the state legislatures and the electoral college as originally intended) to reinforce the principle of separation of powers, by which government is checked and balanced.

Furthermore, grounding the Senate in state legislatures served the structure of federalism. Giving the states an important role in determining the composition of the federal government gave the states power to resist what has happened since 1913 — the progressive (in two senses) reduction of the states to administrative extensions of the federal government.

And that is certainly a problem I’ve noticed. Full Op/Ed here.

The best election outcome

Posted by – 11/6/08

Bacon beats Fries.

But really, in this race, is anyone a loser?

No Purpose in Life

Posted by – 11/6/08

Ha! Come on, you have to agree this is funny.

Obama Win Causes Obsessive Supporters To Realize How Empty Their Lives Are

“Later in the hour we’ll tell you how to spot and avoid an Obama supporter by looking for clues on their messenger bag.”

An Enterprising Way to Cope With the Election Results

Posted by – 11/6/08

I’m off to the mall to sell razor blades so people can scrape off their “Question Authority” bumper stickers. Just remember: Dissent is still the highest form of patriotism. Except now it will be practiced by the lowest form of people.

- James Lileks

Law & Order Shout Out to Obama

Posted by – 11/5/08

Tonight at the end of the season premiere of Law & Order, as McCoy is walking away from the lecturn after a press conference, a reporter can be heard shouting, “Mr. McCoy, is it true you’ve been asked to join the Obama Administration?”

To be honest, I actually have been watching all day for hints of the election results in prime-time shows. With the extremely quick turn-around digital editing has provided, networks can now easily make shows seem quite timely. I suppose they recorded the woman saying both “Obama Administration” and “McCain Administration,” much like Seinfeld did with the Dinkins v. Giuliani mayoral race in The Non-Fat Yogurt.

UPDATE: Whoa… South Park didn’t just settle for a pre-recorded “either outcome” shout out. The Nov. 5th Episode is filled with Obama’s speech and McCain’s concession speech. These boys must have stayed up all night to get this one through. Here.

Historic Republican Control of Tennessee's General Assembly

Posted by – 11/5/08

Despite the rest of the country’s lurch to the Left in this year’s election, the Tennessee General Assembly has moved decidedly to the Right, rewarding Republicans with the majority in both houses since the years immediately following the Civil War. More here.

Election 2008: Semi-live Blog

Posted by – 11/4/08

6:09: My prediction: Tomorrow, the MSM will stop hating McCain. He’ll become a favorite again, and analysis of his campaign will even be sympathetic.

6:19: 41 minutes until the campaign ads stop. Finally.

6:21: Looks like so far, McCain has the lead in both electoral college and popular vote (8 to 3, 53% to 46% respectively). I guess the polls close early in the racist states.

6:28: Ace: Biggest loss of the night? Megyn Kelly is not wearing the glasses. I thought she was saving them for the rally night.

6:30: Teh Burl is drunkblogging. More…


Posted by – 11/4/08

WOW. Is this the hope, change, and unity that we were promised? Since when have the Black Panthers provided polling center “security”?

Time for Some Campaignin'

Posted by – 11/4/08

Something to help you relax and breathe.

Prediction: The US Presidential Election Winner

Posted by – 9/8/08

The ticket to win the election come November will be the ticket who is speaking a message, not responding to what the other ticket says. Historically, the “we’re not the other guys” argument wins very few elections, and right now, Obama/Biden are on the defensive. You can see the results in the polls — taking into consideration, of course, that the Republicans are experiencing a convention bounce.

I’m not declaring a winner so much as pointing out that whoever is consistently on the offensive for the next 60 days will win the election. If the Democrats want to take it, they’d better quit merely responding to John McCain. And while McCain does seem to have lifted him campaign theme directly from Obama’s playbook, he also appears to be getting away with it. Responding with, Nu uh! I said that first! won’t win it for you, Barack, and you might want to layoff with the McSame rhetoric, while you’re at it. Apparently 54% of likely voters aren’t buying it. Time to change strategies.