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The Problem with McCain, Republicans

Posted by – 10/17/08

I’ve hesitated in writing this. Not because I feel I shouldn’t speak a word against McCain, but because I knew this thing was going to be a whopper. I haven’t much free time these days, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to invest a few hours in this topic right now. Typically, my more lengthy pieces have been small comments I knew I wanted to make that grew as I wrote them. Having mulled over and discussed the following for some time now, I knew this was not going to be a perfunctory post. However, I’ve promised this to several of you, and it’s high time. You can think of this as the I am not a Republican counterpart to my previous I am not a Democrat. More…

Democrat reforms

Posted by – 10/12/08

For my easily excitable Democrat and liberal friends who have such painfully short memories, The Professor reminds us that “it was going to be the most ethical Congress in history, the Democrats promised. Keep that in mind when evaluating the promises you’re hearing now.”

More on that sweeping ethics reform here.

Prediction on First Debate

Posted by – 9/26/08

My prediction for tonight’s first presidential debate: Obama comes off looking childish and ignorant. Why? Because he’s taken 3 days to study up on foreign policy — you know, so he doesn’t make any more powerful declarations like the one concerning the US not having enough Arabic translators in Afghanistan. Because of the recent economic turmoil, the topics of the debate will shift dramatically to issues of economics rather than foreign policy, and Obama doesn’t have his trusty teleprompter tonight.

On a somewhat related issue, apparently the meeting at the White House yesterday saw McCain showing quiet support for John Boehner and the House Republicans’ plan to have Wall Street bail itself out rather than force Main Street to foot the bill. But here’s what’s ridiculous: The Dems agree with Bush on this bailout, and they’ve got a majority to pass this bill. Hear me: there is no need to have Republican support for this bailout, they’ve got the votes to pass it. So why do the Dems act as if it’s necessary? Because they know it’s a bad idea that’s being rushed through to make Congress look effective, and in a year or so when history proves it, the Dems don’t want to have gone down in flames all by themselves. They’re setting it up so they can rewrite history on this bailout just like they rewrote history on the failed policies that caused this problem in the first place.

I am not a Democrat

Posted by – 8/15/08

If the Democrats in Congress actually lived up to the manifesto they published back in ’06, I’d probably be a proud Democrat. The promises put forth in the document are exactly those which a governing body that represents the interests of the people should uphold.

Democrats believe that America needs – and Americans deserve – a New Direction that provides security, prosperity, and opportunity for all.

Absolutely. I agree 100%. I love to hear my representatives declare that they work for us, the American people. Not for the special interests. Not only for the people of San Francisco who want to project their eco-religion on the rest of us, but for America as a whole.

Too many Americans are paying a heavy price for those wrong choices: record costs for energy…

(I should note, of course, that this was written back when the Democrats were about to take control of Congress in ’06. Since then, gas prices rose from $2.19 to $4.11, an increase of an incredible 87.7%! Congressional Approval is at an all-time low, the national debt has increased over 14%, and the Dems themselves will tell you that we’re in the middle of a recession. They’re wrong, but they’ll still admit to it. Which is astounding.)

With integrity, civility and fiscal discipline, our New Direction for America will use commonsense principles to address the aspirations and fulfill the hopes and dreams of all Americans. That is our promise to the American people.

Apparently they will not use commonsense principles, which would include dropping the Federal moratorium on oil exploration. Nor will they be civil about it.

Check out page 24 of the manifesto:

Bills should generally come to the floor under a procedure that allows open, full, and fair debate consisting of a full amendment process that grants the Minority the right to offer its alternatives, including a substitute.

And yet, despite the GOP’s demands for the energy bill to come to a vote, Pelosi won’t allow it. What makes it all the more astounding is that she won’t allow a vote to be taken on a bill that the Dems would almost undoubtably crush! Why? Because of the misguided notion that carbon is a poison. If global warming is man-made and carbon dioxide is the primary cause, then we must get rid of it! And burning fossil fuels releases loads of carbon dioxide! So we must stop!

This is “fact”, decided upon by the dirt people of San Francisco and their expatriates, and forced down the throat of the American people by Pelosi and her wildly out-of-touch Congress.

This whole eco-religion is centered around the preposterous idea that us humans are fully capable of throwing the Earth’s equilibrium off kilter, putting Earth’s ecological and climatological state outside the bounds of its own recovery. It’s the peak of arrogance, to say the least. It violates Occam’s razor by making the assumption that the Earth could not possibly have a naturally fluctuating climate of as much as 1 or 2 degrees in either direction, and it flies in the face of actual science, from the likes of scientists who haven’t been coerced or threatened and whose work hasn’t been manipulated:

CO2 is a proxy for global temperature, and attempting to control global temperatures by regulating anthropogenic CO2 is unfounded, futile, and wasteful.

Whoops. In much the same way that proving a Jesus that was never raised from the dead would rock Christianity to its core, the absence of “carbon as a pollutant” really puts the whole man-made global warming ideology into serious question. Calm, clear-headed scientists are beginning to come forward with long-standing evidence that disproves man-made global warming. So close your eyes and ears, and chant to yourself as loud as you want Gorites. It doesn’t make truth go away.

If real Democrats are represented by Pelosi and her Congress’s track record, then Democrats are not reasonable. They are not commonsensical. They are not logical. They are neither fair, open-minded, nor realistic. And I am not a Democrat.

Maybe We're Not Ready

Posted by – 6/2/08

Several months ago, I began having to defend my particular part of the country to Obama supporters. You see, I live in the South. Not the deep South, mind you–only Nashville. I was honestly a little surprised to have several of my more liberal friends leading the charge that “the South’s just not ever going to elect a black man to be President.” They seemed to be more fascinated, not with electing a worthy candidate, but just making sure that it was their party that made it “first” with a black man.

They would most certainly be correct in their predictions of which candidate to whom the southern states would go, I can assure you. But it won’t be for the reasons they’re giving. Since the 1976 presidential election, the majority of southern states have consistently voted Republican. So if come November we’re a bunch of red states again, it won’t necessarily be because of all our Klan meetings.

But then here I am, watching CNN. (Something I haven’t done in several days– and my life has been remarkably more peaceful for it.) Apparently now there’s another inflammatory preacher at Obama’s (former) church. Guest preacher Michael Pfleger, of the Catholic persuation:

I’m WHITE! A black man is stealing my show!

Don’t worry, he wasn’t speaking for himself, just mocking Hillary. Where all his white guilt is coming from, I have no idea. But what is interesting to me is not that all this is occuring. No, we’ve been exposed to the hate coming out of this church for months now. And let’s just call it that, hate. What disturbs me is the reasoning coming out of nearly every black talking head on the news. I’m told that I wouldn’t know what black churches are like because I’m not black and have never been to a black church. (Though I have.) I’m supposed to be understanding of the black experience and put these words into black church context.

Can I be honest with you here for a second? That reasoning sounds just a ridiculous as telling an onlooker of a KKK rally that he really should put into context the words coming from the Grand Dragon’s mouth. It’s asinine. Read: devoid of intelligence. Let’s call a spade a spade: the vast majority of non-black Americans are watching those clips and saying, “Wow… is this what blacks think about the rest of us?” I’m not sure about you, but when I go to church, we talk about Jesus. Not how awful other people are and how their behavior is ruining our lives.

You see, for decades now, we’ve been thinking that we’re making progress with healing what was once a gaping racial divide. But apparently that was some sort of illusion, according to this kind of rhetoric. And it’s supposed excuse, presented to the media and the rest of us, is that it’s all too common. Go to any black church and you’ll see it.

I’ve got two massive problems with this. First, I’ve been to several black churches, and the people there were nothing but hospitable. And while you might have to prepare for a church service that may never end, if it does, there will be some tasty eatin’ at the end of it. Second, if you’re telling me that every black religious leader gets up at the pulpit and spews the kind of hatred and conspiracy against their own country that Rev. Wright did, that doesn’t assuage my fears at all. Instead, it tells me that we’ve got a major problem in this country, and maybe we’re not ready for a man to be president that spent twenty years under the mentorship of a hate-monger. If we’re so desperate for a black man to be president, then this man is not a good first choice. Perhaps the democrats should’ve thrown their weight behind someone principled: someone without a dingy, opportunistic record, someone with a wife that hasn’t only recently found pride in her country, and someone who’s more than a rookie junior senator that comes to work on a rare occasion–only to vote ‘present’. Barack Obama is like a new business partner who, lucky enough to be made junior partner before he’d even been with the company for very long, answers, “Oh, I’m here,” when asked how he feels about a company proposal.

He hasn’t been fully vetted yet, and Democrats, you can fully expect that the Republicans have yet to unleash their fury on him. Republicans desperately want this man to win your nomination. As soon as he’s clinched it, let the games begin, friends. Hope you like you like your loss in ’08.