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Whew! The drought is over…

Posted by – 8/5/08

I was really becoming concerned that CNN had tightened its filters to avoid the possibility of ridiculous headlines making their way onto T-Shirts via their inexplicable new merchandising technique: CNN Shirts. Not sure exactly why you might want to wear a headline? Perhaps it’s something that touched your heart. Or made you think. Or was the cause for your spit-take.

Selected for extra screening

Posted by – 6/21/08

Hey kids, wanna have some fun? Grab your favorite hilarious CNN tee and jump in line at the airport!

New Series: Hilarious CNN Shirts

Posted by – 6/20/08

Roto-Rooter sucks kitten from drain

Well, it's not April First…

Posted by – 6/19/08

Is this a joke?