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Category: Poetry

New Contributor!

Posted by – 10/12/08

Great news, friends! I’ve just asked a friend of mine to come on board and contribute to in medias res. She’s a fantastically vulnerable poet, and writes some truly penetrating pieces. In talking with her tonight, she brought out an excellent point about our writing styles. “You write things people think about the majority of the time,” she said. “I try to take their mind off what they think about the majority of the time. One is definitely not better than the other. They’re both needed in lit.”

I couldn’t agree more. I love her writing and her passion, and I wish I could emulate it. But that’s not me, and not my writing style. This blog is meant to explore and share the things over which the author is currently mulling. In that vein, nothing can ever really be off-topic, as the topic truly flows from the author “in the midst of things.” As she said tonight, “It’s hard to write about a passion of yesterday.”

Please welcome elizabeth, and please feel free to comment on her posts. You’re going to love her.