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Looks like the GOP hasn't learned their lesson…

Posted by – 11/14/09

I generally have a tiny bit more respect for local Republican organizations than for the national party leadership. Typically speaking, they are a fitting analogy for why government works best on the local level: the GOP leaders living in your community—most of them are not professional politicians—probably have a pretty good handle on the needs and desires of the community while the national leaders have long since removed themselves from ordinary life. If we have any chance to forestall this slide into “acceptable” Socialism, it will require a strong champion of liberty in the form of a political party. It will require the Republicans to stop believing that America really just wants a lite version of the Democrats. It will require a principled Republican Party. It will require Republican leaders willing to risk failure in order to defend Liberty.

It’s unfortunate, then, to see our Davidson County Republican Party bowing to the pressure of party loyalty when given the chance to stand on principle and send a strong message to the independents, the lovers of Liberty, and the overwhelming majority of America that raged against the bailouts. They would much rather oust one of their own.

Matt Collins, the First Vice Chairman of the DCRP, stood up to Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Zach Wamp for his support of the bailouts. Matt apparently has the gall to defend Liberty and our Constitution over the desires of the Party, and this routine has more than irked the rest of the party leadership in Davidson County. Despite disclaimers attached to his personal opinions, they’re upset that he, quite literally, will not toe the party line. At the most extreme, his actions should have garnered a censuring. I would hope, though, that a majority of GOP leaders would recognize the need for outspoken critique of officials and candidates who oppose fiscal conservatism and limited government. The Republican Liberty Caucus sees this as a problem beyond Davidson County:

“This is the third state in the last year in which party insiders have tried to purge grassroots activists belonging to the Republican Liberty Caucus,” said Dave Nalle, National Chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Purges also took place in Marion County, Indiana, where RLC member Liz Karlson was removed from her Ward Chair position, and in Florida, where five Republican Liberty Caucus members were removed from the party for criticizing party leadership or opposing candidates with a history of fiscal irresponsibility and raising taxes.

Thankfully, we always know where Matt stands, even when we disagree with him. We don’t need more yes men. Matt Collins is exactly the kind of person that the American people wants to see in leadership. The DCRP leadership has begun the process of removing Matt from his position, but this would be one instance where I would be more than thrilled to see the GOP fail its follow-through.