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Category: Humor

All about racism

Posted by – 4/22/09

Dang it Janeane, you’re right. That whole thing last week was just about a bunch of white rednecks hatin’ on the coolest President ever just cuz he’s a black man:

CNN trying to stir the pot

Posted by – 4/16/09

It’s hard to believe the title the user NewsPoliticsNews gave to this video: CNN Reporter Harassed at Chicago “Tea-Party”

Really? Is that a CNN Reporter that was harassed? Or a lapdog correspondent that yelled White House talking points at the man she was interviewing before his first sentence was out, followed by an attempt to label the exasperation of the crowd, which was merely a reaction to her sudden burst of useful idiocy, like it was some kind of histeria to “prove” that these rallies were indeed filled with unhinged lunatics. (Ten points if you were able to read that sentence through in one pass.) Is this lady auditioning for the Huffington Post or something?

In other news, the Nashville Tea Party, one of the largest in the country at 10,000 folks, mirrored the hundreds of other protests across the country by leaving Legislative Plaza tidier than when the rally began, conducting themselves in a manner much appreciated by the Metro Police on duty, and sending subconscious hostility vibes solely to Tennessean liveblogger Colby Sledge.

Update: I should also note that I just realized her exact response to people have the right to liberty is “Sir, what does that have to do with taxes?”

It staggers the imagination. Honestly, if you’re that far down the river, no amount of paddling is going to bring you back to reality.

Obama, the Great Orator

Posted by – 3/23/09

Honestly, how SMALL does the room have to get for Obama to go without the TOTUS? From a speech today:

Notice two things-

1) The wide shot of the room is just barely enough to get three people on stage in frame, and

2) He can’t even pronounce Orion correctly?

(And let’s not forget this little gem: Obama has apparently never heard someone pronounce the state in which he attended law school.)

What If Bush Had Done That!?

Posted by – 3/22/09

Once Obama made the ridiculous comment about bowling like a Special Olympiad, I decided I’d better start keeping track. In only 60 days, I was already starting to forget some of the better ones. My project? What If Bush Had Done That!?

But seriously, don’t get it into your head that this is some sort of “see, it makes everything Bush did okay!” love-fest. Not so. I’m a fiscal conservative, limited-government, free market kind of guy, and President Bush was one heck of a violator. I actually think it doesn’t MATTER when the President makes a fool of himself. (Most of the time, of course. Foreign policy matters excepted.) We should quit treating every president like some sort of lightworker, godsend, messiah in flesh. He’s not a King. Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, and their pals all were pretty dead-set against that.

American Apparel strikes again

Posted by – 3/2/09

…with arguably the most ridiculously looking styles in 2009. Case in point:

screenshot-7I hope I see one of you wearing this soon. I need a good laugh.

Kid After Dentist

Posted by – 2/3/09

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Just because it’s hilarious. Original here (for now).

On being casual in New Zealand

Posted by – 1/17/09

n34100441_32081559_1890Yes, they’re apparently very laid back in New Zealand. This is a photo from an actual convenience store that my friend Stacey took while roaming around in Kiakora. (I’d link back to her, but she posted it on Facebook, and I’m pretty sure it’s a private link to the outside world.)

Posted by – 1/4/09

H/t my buddy Hadley, a fella who enjoys finding hilarious typos in major news publications. From Breitbart:

As governor, he has kept up an international profile with a specialty in dealing with rouge nations.

Hadley: “Bill Richardson is a specialist in rouge nations. He must have majored in cosmetology.”

Quote of the Day

Posted by – 12/15/08

“You wanna know another key to success? … Dress every day like you gonna get murdered in those clothes.”

- Tracy Jordan, 30 Rock

Quote of the Day

Posted by – 12/9/08

“The Italians have a saying, Lemon. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. And although they’ve never won a war or mass-produced a decent car, in this area they are correct.”

- Jack Donaghy, 30 Rock