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Category: Sports

Super Bowl XLIII Live Blog

Posted by – 2/1/09

5:02- Wow Faith, that was awkward. Please stop that.

5:03- Oh, Raymond James Stadium. Hey, I wonder if my broker would lower their rates if they’d not sponsor a stadium. Hmm…

5:03- Hey John. :) Good to see your rambling face.

5:06- So… these commercials aren’t “Super Bowl” commercials yet, right? That begins at kickoff. Gah… I hope so.

5:07- The tradition of NBC News? “Hey, we haven’t faked documents to indict a sitting president. Nor do we have our DC Bureau Chief in bed with the White House Chief of Staff.”

5:09- Okay, pizza’s on the way. I think I’ll lay back for a bit. Oh, and Domino’s online ordering system is awesome. WAY better than Papa Johns, even if they have better pizza.

5:10- Wow, everyone in the stadium. Don’t look so excited to be there. Not even a single person jumping up and down?

5:12- So much expectation for hilarious commercials. You advertisers know we’re expecting spit-takes, right? Chop chop!

5:16- Oh crap, more Faith? Get back to your drug addiction and leave us alone.

5:20- (Yeah, if you can’t tell, this will probably be commentary on everything that’s NOT the game.)

5:27- Get it, Gen. Petraeus! Glad to see support for our troops.

5:38- “It was a joke!” Ha, good commercial.

5:44- “Forever young.” Yep, two dudes who can’t sing. At least one has talent.

5:45- Good attempt, Doritos.

Hmm. You know, I think I’ll use Twitter for this. Continuing live blog there.