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Category: Entertainment

I swear, he doesn't represent the Tea Party movement!

Posted by – 1/15/10

It’s confirmed: Judson Phillips gives the worst interviews ever.

You folks should see what it’s like to press him for information in private! Backed into a corner—and without a radio audience—this man has naught but to retreat, eject the offending party, and threaten to sue. More on that soon…

Law & Order Shout Out to Obama

Posted by – 11/5/08

Tonight at the end of the season premiere of Law & Order, as McCoy is walking away from the lecturn after a press conference, a reporter can be heard shouting, “Mr. McCoy, is it true you’ve been asked to join the Obama Administration?”

To be honest, I actually have been watching all day for hints of the election results in prime-time shows. With the extremely quick turn-around digital editing has provided, networks can now easily make shows seem quite timely. I suppose they recorded the woman saying both “Obama Administration” and “McCain Administration,” much like Seinfeld did with the Dinkins v. Giuliani mayoral race in The Non-Fat Yogurt.

UPDATE: Whoa… South Park didn’t just settle for a pre-recorded “either outcome” shout out. The Nov. 5th Episode is filled with Obama’s speech and McCain’s concession speech. These boys must have stayed up all night to get this one through. Here.