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Where do you fall politically?

Posted by – 4/5/10

It’s always an interesting thing to see the disparity between how people label themselves and how they’d be measured against the real definitions of those various labels. (Words have real meanings, you know. Quit being so post-modern, you hippy!)

So how do you measure up? Take a quick 10 question quiz to find out! Then give your result in the poll below.

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2 Comments on Where do you fall politically?


  1. David Strunk says:

    Probably where you and I spar the most is in our differences in the funamental/philosophical differences in libertarianism and conservatism.

    I believe the government has a role in arbitrating justice- whether on an international level (Rom 13.) or an individual (as with abortion or other fundamental life-existence and liberty issues– this is a human rights issue and therefore a federal issue and NOT a state one– a libertarian would disagree with me here).

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    @David Strunk: I’m not sure I fully understand your last point. I believe one of government’s core roles is arbitrating justice as well; without that function, we have anarchy. Contracts, after all, mean nothing if unenforceable.

    Your last point, though, leaves me confused. To which issue(s) specifically are you referring as human rights issues? Are you thinking we’re sparring over what the role of gov’t is, or which gov’t should assume a given responsibility? Philosophically speaking, that last paragraph is a pretty major non sequitur.