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The Heartless Compassion of Big Government

Posted by – 3/21/10

Those of us on the liberty-loving side of things are often confused with the uncharitable, the enemy of those in need. It’s not so much that we hate the poor, though, as we’re disgusted by those who, against the clear advice of history, advocate passionately for the sake of their own conscience that someone else’s money should be confiscated and shoved through the gauntlet of wildly inefficient government bureaucracies with only a tiny portion left at the end for the truly needy. The poor deserve so much more than the heartless compassion of big government.

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1 Comment on The Heartless Compassion of Big Government


  1. David Strunk says:


    Sounds like you’re taking a play from the playbook of Marvin Olasky and “The tragedy of American compassion.” In it, Olasky empirically shows how goverment expansion and entitlements decrease the scope of private charity and actually lessen the effectiveness of alleviating poverty altogether.