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"At least the Vikings did it openly"

Posted by – 2/27/09


A response to a full thread of thoughtless comments about the Tea Party here. I’m too tired to write another post, so here’s my best for the night along with some great photos of the event.

Alright angry people, let’s calm down a bit. Get it out of your heads that any of us showed up today because Republicans got it right and we’re just mad at the Democrats. Not in the least. Just because the GOP showed up and gave their support does not mean they were running the affair. The GOP speakers at the rally were mostly challengers, not currently in office, so they’re campaigning to replace those who caused this mess. Including Republicans. They’re opportunists just like any political party. That’s politics. Though it’s easy and you might think you’re being cute by making the typical racial, classist, party-line remarks, it’s just ridiculous. Get past the Dem vs. Repub mindset.

Those of us who organized it are not professional protesters. We’re not partisans. We’re not even all in agreement on everything, and I’m sure we’d form a rather lackluster political party if we tried. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about being fed up with big, wasteful government, something to which George W. Bush was an extraordinary contributor. But guess what? He’s out of office now. That’s in the past. Petitioning him and blaming him does no good. The only problem causers we need to be concerning ourselves with at the moment are the elected officials currently in office. Blaming GW might make you feel awesome and superior, but it’s fruitless. Get past it. Barack Obama is President, and we will not give him a pass just because Bush did the same awful things.

dsc_0389The libertarians and conservatives among us who are truly limited-government and free market folks are more than happy that the Republicans took a lashing during the election. It’s forcing them to come to terms with their “say one thing and do another” philosophy. At least with Obama, we saw it coming. He’s delivering on his promises, but weak-minded, ill-advised ideas delivered remain weak-minded and ill-advised.

On a side note: I am still quite startled every time some angry leftist throws out a racial comment in a situation where there was no need. It seems to me that those on the right who do this are the marginalized, the few number of actual rubes who the left pretends formulate the entirety of the conservative movement. But it seems to be a very kitch, pseudo-enlightened thing on the left to say things like, “Nice to see the diversity in that crowd . . . What? Uh, oh, I must’ve looked at the wrong flicker set.” Oh, I’m sure you thought that was a cute comment. But really, be an adult.

Take a look at the pictures. Sure, you’ll no doubt zero in on the one nutjob with a crazy sign, a guy who is probably rambling on about conspiracy theories. But let him go, there’s one in every crowd. Look at the majority of the people. Quite normal, non? In Nashville, we had a whole swath of folks arriving on their lunch break, walking over from their workplaces downtown. So yes, BrassAss, they should be working, and thank the Lord they are. They gave up their precious lunch break to show their frustration alongside a host of people who feel helpless, like a thief is being allowed to ransack each of our houses right in front of us and all the while we are told by the authorities, on their way out with another helpful box load, that we should stop being so greedy.

We were frustrated with Bush, and that’s why you saw such a defection of true conservatives from the GOP. And our frustration is mounting with those currently in power. Gov’t is CLEARLY the problem, not the solution. Bush proved it, and Obama is merely the same song in a different key. If you’re honest with yourself, you can see it. We’re only going to get louder from here, friends. Put the petty bickering about parties aside; study up on sound economics, the fight for liberty, and the histories of the all-providing government; take a look at the facts, and join us.





Keep your eyes on this blog for more photos coming soon. My flickr account is maxed so I need to find some way to get these online. For these and the upcoming photos… update: photos are here.

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3 Comments on "At least the Vikings did it openly"


  1. karen says:

    Who waits in line at the DMV? People too dumb to figure out how to do it online? I don’t know anyone who has been in a DMV in years.

  2. Kevin Smith says:

    @karen: The State of Tennessee requires certain types of license holders — like Class A, B, or C Commercial Driver License — to appear in person at the DMV for renewal. The same is also required of renewals on temporary licenses and licenses for those turning 21.

  3. Lauren says:

    haha OWNED