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"You shaved."

Posted by – 12/2/04

“You shaved.”

I smiled and explained: “Well, yes, it was No Shave November.” I’d had this exchange several times over the last two days, but here is where it took a turn.

“Oh, ’cause I was wondering what happened, but I didn’t want to ask.”

What happened? Like it was an unfortunate accident? As if I’d gotten in over my head with my Bruin Hills mortgage?

“Because I had noticed your hair getting long and you stopped shaving and all.”

So this was it, huh? Everyone thought I was a hobo, but she’s the first with the cahones to let me know. And listen, I’ll be the first to admit that my hair is currently barreling down the tracks to Mullettown, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot trust anyone in Nashville with something so simple as a haircut. ‘Just a trim, please,‘ must come out sounding like ‘Gimme the bangs of a fourth grader.

This week has been extraordinarily unbusy for me. I mean, each of my Economics class meetings this week were only 15 minutes long, the final draft of the History paper keeps getting pushed back, and Stats today looked a whole lot like 20 Questions with the professor, whom we have taken to calling J.Rowe. I really don’t know why, normally around this time I’ve killed a few people in my stressing out. It’s not that I just don’t care anymore; no, I’ve had those reactions to finals as well (which is also a great way to approach them). Who knows, maybe I’ve moved gently from being neurotic to being senile.

By the way, be looking for the latest Vision, which comes out today. Apparently they’re putting that letter in this one. And kids, don’t you worry. If you missed out on No Shave November this time around, you needn’t wait an agonizing 11 months to join in on the festivities. Not that I will be taking part, but Janu-Hairy and Febru-Hairy are only a short time away.

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